Spam Flagging and Filtering Service

It is projected that in the future over 90% of all Internet E-Mail traffic will be unsolicited commercial email, or SPAM messages. Over 15 billion unsolicited email messages are sent every day and growing. Of those messages, 3.5 billion could be considered hostile.

SPAM is responsible for countless hours of lost productivity and can be the cause for quality-of-work or “hostile work environment” claims against a company if appropriate measures are not taken to prevent such action.

Along with the ADSS Global E-Mail Store and Forwarding Service, we will provide SPAM Flagging and Filtering Service, which will mark potential SPAM messages with an appropriate flag. This method will ensure that all messages are received and that only those deemed as SPAM by the end-user will be discarded. With a guarantee that up to 99% of all SPAM messages be properly identified and marked, and less than 1% false-positive error rate be attained, we can help your company gain back valuable time that is currently wasted dealing with unsolicited commercial e-mail messages.

E-Mail Store and Forwarding

ADSS Global will provide a first-level holding area for messages sent to anyone at in case an outage occurs for any reason at your email server location. This time-consuming task can be costly to your organization and is poor service to your customer. Since billions of email messages are sent and received every day, in the instance where your mail server is offline, it is likely that some critical messages could be lost forever. We will keep that from happening.