AutoSimply has been a Sage Development Partner since 2004. The company was founded and created by a group of Sage 300 Business Consultants with over 10 years of project experience and the knowledge of fully understanding what customers really need and require regarding their manufacturing requirements. AutoSimply was developed according to the Sage 300 Software Developers Kit and is built on world-class architecture. AutoSimply’s Manufacturing Order is a compact, user-oriented, manufacturing processing solution that is tightly integrated with Sage 300 (formerly Sage Accpac).

AutoSimply’s Manufacturing Order is an easy-to-use manufacturing solution for small to medium-sized enterprises. Its design is fully integrated with Sage 300 Finance and Logistics modules. Simple yet powerful, AutoSimply enables an efficient manufacturing operation flow covering material purchase, processing manufacturing orders, work in progress, routing cost calculation, material consumption, material scrap and item substitution and order closeout. The design of AutoSimply’s Manufacturing Order is conceptualized to fully accommodate a users’ business processes needs and expectations.

AutoSimply’s Production Planning module is an easy-to-use production scheduling and materials requirement planning solution for small to medium sized enterprises. It is fully integrated with Sage 300 Financial and Logistics modules. The Production Planning module is the second installment of AutoSimply’s manufacturing suite for Sage 300. It makes full use of the manufacturing and BOM information in AutoSimply’s Manufacturing Order, sales information as contained in Order Entry, stock data within Inventory Control and purchase information in the Purchase Order’s. With AutoSimply’s Production Planning module, Sage 300 can now truly generate a full blown basic MPS and MRP plan!

MISys Manufacturing Software

MISys integrates seamlessly with Sage 300. MISys makes it easy to get control of your manufacturing business by reducing your inventory, helping you get control of your production, and streamlining your production activities.

Our software is modular, so you purchase only the functionality you need now. Start with the basic manufacturing capabilities and add modules for additional functionality as your needs grow:

  • Inventory control for manufacturing
  • Multi-level bills of material
  • Revision control
  • Integrated purchasing
  • Work orders
  • Custom manufacturing orders
  • Master production scheduling (MPS)
  • Material requirements planning (MRP)
  • Bin tracking
  • Serial/Lot tracking
  • Bar coding

MISys SAE Manufacturing was designed to fit small- to medium-sized manufacturing firms with the basic functionality they need, but expand with advanced capabilities as growth demands.

Seradex ERP

Seradex was the first company to release a 100% Microsoft based ERP Software Solution (1992). Seradex has always believed in “Best of Breed” ERP Modules. As much as customers would like to, as this is written in 2003 you still cannot get a wall to wall solution from a single vendor. Seradex software was designed from the ground up to use industry standard development tools and integrates to industry standard applications. Seradex believes that this approach provides a solution with the lowest total cost of ownership.

Seradex ERP is a completely integrated manufacturing solution that integrates to the Sage 300 system. Seradex works well in both make-to-order and make-to-stock environments but is best suited to companies that require a Product Configurator. The core ERP modules cover a wide range of functionality from quoting, through order entry, production, bills of material, purchasing, inventory control, shipping and invoicing.

Seradex ERP software is used to support your entire business and consists of modules such as Estimating, Sales Orders, Field Service, Production, Inventory Control, Procurement, Distribution, Human Resources, Finance and Accounting.

BatchMaster Software, Inc.

Since 1985, BatchMaster has been the “Gold Standard” in process manufacturing ERP Software.

BatchMaster Software, Inc. has provided manufacturing software designed for process-batch manufactures for over two decades with more than one thousand five hundred installations worldwide. BatchMaster’s customers are in every formula or recipe-based business, including food, beverage, nutraceutical, supplement, cosmetic, cosmeceutical, personal care, paint, coating, pharmaceutical, and specialty chemical industries.

Some of the key benefits of using BatchMaster ERP include keeping accurate inventory, lot traceability and lot recall, regulatory compliance and just-in-time manufacturing resulting in lower production costs and improved customer service. Flexible, easy to learn and use, and scalable to grow with a process-batch manufacturing business, the BatchMaster team consists of over one hundred and sixty professionals, bringing on-going innovation to product offerings and serving customers as trusted advisors for all process-batch manufacturing and supply-chain challenges.