“After a server crash and losing all data and software for our ERP, CRM and SQL database, ADSS Global was able to help get us back up and running within just a few days. They worked with our networking consultants over the weekend to ensure that all the virtual server system requirements were met and got all of our software and licenses accounted for so they could reinstall our systems software first thing Monday morning. Their professionalism, dedication and sense of urgency to getting us back up and running was first rate. Thanks again!!”

Scott Gressak
IT Administrator
Security Engineered Machinery

“Without the technology we have implemented, we would have had to double our staff to maintain our level of service. We have chosen to invest in technology and leverage the talents of our staff. ADSS Global is an invaluable partner in this initiative.”

Jim Backeland
Vice President
Icom Canada

“ADSS Global has a deep product knowledge and a broad understanding of the insurance industry that has proven to be a real asset to us. We’ve enjoyed great success with the transition of implementing Sage ERP thanks in large part to the team at ADSS Global.”

Patrick Negri
Vice President of Finance
The Berkely Group, a division of the AON Corporation

“ADSS Global has helped us operate leaner and more efficient. We met with several consultants, but were immediately struck by the knowledge and sincerity of the team at ADSS Global. They are a large enough organization to have resources at their disposal, yet still small enough to give us the personalized attention we value. The deep accounting knowledge and expertise of ADSS Global combined with the efficiencies of Sage ERP helped to make this project a success.”

Howard Aubrey
The Isabella Company

“I am absolutely, positively thrilled with the macro ADSS Global has created!!!!!!!!!!! This could not have come at a better time as just getting back from vacation and no longer having to add up all of these #s – kudos to ADSS Global for a superb job! And, a special thanks for getting those dates to be included so I don’t have to enter those as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Brenda Knight
Financial Manager
North Carolina Symphony

“I just wanted to thank you for permitting KPG to have Keith on the team while we migrated our email. He performed another lifesaving job on Friday and today and I can’t tell you in enough words how grateful I am to have had him assist us with this. Without Keith our ship would have most likely sunk!”

“Thanks, Keith! You always come through.”

Melanie Fazio
Office & Human Resources Manager
Keystone Property Group

“Thank you so much for moving your IT network engineer’s schedule around for us today on such short notice. And I mean SHORT notice as in an hour and a half. We had three sites, three companies, and our IP phone connectivity that has been horrendous since we moved to our new office in Bala Cynwyd, all banking on this project today. Although your technician Keith was not involved from the start, he was able to come right in and get the job done today. Not just any company or anyone could have done this for us. ADSS Global and Keith really saved us a lot of hardship, time, and money by being able to come in to our site with his superb IT abilities. I can’t stress enough how much it was appreciated.”

Melanie Fazio
Office Manager
Keystone Property Group

“I appreciate the caliber of the staff at ADSS Global — I always get to speak with someone I know, someone qualified, and most important, someone familiar with this business so we’re able to get right to the point without a lot of background explanations.”

Mike Daley
Vice President & Controller
RAF Industries

“More than once, ADSS Global has worked with us to resolve imminent network issues much more effectively than we could have by ourselves. Having ADSS Global on our team helps us deliver amazing IT services to our employees and keep them highly productive.”

Jo Williamson, CEO
JFK Behavioral Health Center

“NMG loves ADSS Global and all of their skills in and knowledge in the Sage ERP System. From a scale of 1 to 10, I would give them a 10 – Fantastic!”

Beth Nicholas, Staff Accountant
National Mail Graphics

“I truly appreciate the partnership that Howell’s Motor Freight has with ADSS Global.”

Cindy Brown, CFO
Howell’s Motor Freight, Inc.